Creating the whole internet package for your restaurant has never been simplier...

Email Marketing

Oceanic Concepts can offer everything you need to create and send successful email marketing campaigns. Deliver beautiful emails, manage your subscribers and track your campaign results, all from within your browser!

Alternatively choose a managed service and we will take care of everthing for you, create a newsletter design, configuration, list management and of course detailed monthy reporting.

Send great looking emails to your customers

Send professional looking emails

  • Easily build your own campaigns
  • We design a custom template for you to use
  • Choose which customers to target
  • Pay as you go, only pay for what you send
Great looking charts

Great looking reports

  • Great looking charts on the results
  • See who opened, clicked and forwarded
  • Drill down to individual subscribers
  • Mobile Friendly, access results from anywhere
Easy to use interface

No experience required

  • Simple interface, with online support
  • You don’t need to be a ‘coder’
  • Busy! Choose a managed service. We'll do it all for you
  • Try it out. Click here to login to our Demo account (username Demo, password:demo1)
Manage your own subcribers

Manage your subscribers

  • We can import subcribers from your Eveve booking system
  • Easily add your own subscribers
  • Handles unsubscribes & bounces automatically
  • CAN-SPAM compliant
Target your customers

Target specific customers

  • Create segments for targeted campaigns
  • Segment based on location, interest or anything else you store
Email Marketing Pricing


  • Unique pay-as-you-go pricing structure
  • You only pay for what you send
  • Managed or DIY plans available
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Of course we couldn't cover everthing here, so if you have any questions please get in touch, see our contact page for an enquiry form.