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Popular questions

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  • How do I personalize a campaign?
    We allow you to personalize the subject line and content for each campaign you send. By adding any of the following tags to your campaign content, we will dynamically change these values for every recipient when sending the campaign. You could even add the name tags to the subject line of your email for a more personal approach.....
  • Quick glossary of all content tags
    Here's a quick glossary for all the different tags we support in that you can include in your email content, whether you are using templates or not.....
  • How do I add a subscribe form to my site?
    Adding a subscribe form to your web site is a great way to attract new subscribers and it couldn't be easier. Simply click on the the list you would like to create a subscribe form for in the Manage Subscribers section.....
    Email Marketing for restaurants made easy, add subcribers
  • How do I add an unsubscribe link in my email?
    Allowing your recipients to unsubscribe from your campaign with a single-click is best practice and is actually required to use this tool. To add an unsubscribe link to your campaign, you have two options:.....
  • How do I add a forward-to-a-friend link to my campaigns?
    A forward to a friend link encourages your recipients to pass your campaign around to other friends and colleagues.
    When a recipient clicks your forward to a friend link, they are taken to a simple page (pictured below) where they can specify the names and email addresses of up to 5 friends at a time to send your campaign to. This page is non-branded and located at our domain.
  • How do I add a link to a web version of my campaign?
    While the majority of web based email environments are slowly improving their HTML rendering capabilities, some are still pretty far behind. I'm talking to you Hotmail and Gmail! Because of this, it can be a good idea to include a having trouble reading this email, click here link in the header of your email.
  • What is a hard and soft bounce, and how do I reduce the number of emails that bounce?
    A 'bounce' means that your email was sent to a specific address, but the mail server that received the email for that person has sent it back, saying it could not be delivered. There are quite a few different reasons that might happen, and we can divide them into two main categories....../li>
  • How do I import subscribers from a file?
    Provided you have obtained the correct permission from your susbcribers, importing your subscriber list into your account is a really simple and straight-forward process. To get started, your subscribers need to be in a comma or tab delimited text file. This is a standard format for storing data and is supported by most applications, including Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, ACT! and GoldMine......
  • What does my SpamAssassin score mean? How can I reduce my score?
    SpamAssassin is one of the most effective and popular content based spam filters on the market. It uses a scoring system where messages are tagged as spam only when they have enough spam characteristics in total. A properly managed SpamAssassin installation correctly identifies 90% to 95% of spam with less than 1% false positives........
  • What is an unsubscribe page and why should I use it?
    When sending out a campaign, we require that you include an unsubscribe link, which is a way your recipients can opt-out of your email list with a single click. When they click this unsubscribe link, they will be removed from the appropriate list in your account and then will be displayed a web page explaining to them that they have successfully been unsubscribed from the list.....

Of course we couldn't cover everthing here, so if you have any questions please get in touch, see our contact page for an enquiry form.